Sleep Study FAQ’s

What can I expect during my sleep study?

The sleep study is simple and painless. When you arrive at the sleep center, a sleep center technician will show you to a private bedroom. The technician will connect you to a variety of small discs (electrodes) to monitor heart, brain, eye and leg movements, in addition to monitoring oxygen levels and breathing patterns. This process takes approximately one hour to ensure that all the connections are sufficient for videotaping to correlate body position and movement with physiologic data. If you are going to have a CPAP study, the technician will help you select a mask most comfortable for you to wear during the study. After the electrodes are placed, you can relax until the technician is ready to have you go to sleep. Your sleep and breathing will be monitored for the entire study. If you need to get out of bed to go to the bathroom, you can alert the staff and they will help you. The technician will wake you after the study is complete usually by 6 AM or earlier.

What should I bring with me to the sleep study?

How Do I prepare for a sleep study?

What happens after my sleep study?

I have special needs and will require assistance, who will take care of my concerns?

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